custom live tracking service for Locus

Started by tartiflix, May 01, 2022, 11:43:58

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Vyacheslav Rotko

When I view my location in the browser, it doesn't update automatically. Is this how it should be?


Yes, you have to refresh the page to update the position.

Vyacheslav Rotko

It's uncomfortable when you're constantly watching someone. Do you have any plans to automatically update the location of the group members?

Vyacheslav Rotko

I have installed local surveillance on the second phone. The track is loaded when monitoring is enabled, but it is not updated. To see the new location and track, you need to turn monitoring off and on again.
Is this how it should work?

--- upd ---

Sorry.  Figured it out. To update, it was necessary to set the parameter 0 meters.

But immediately the following question arose. If you open the panel with the motion parameters, these parameters will not be updated, although the track itself will be updated.

Can this be fixed?


Hello tartiflix
I have been using for almost a year now since I discovered it.
The overall feeling is still very good, but sometimes the network is not good.
I want to use your source code to build a website in China.
Could you please share this source code with me?
Thanks :)