car routing then direct line

Started by AbdullahOSM, January 02, 2022, 21:06:41

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Thank you for your efforts in this software, and I tried it and found it useful and wonderful, but in my country (Saudi Arabia) there are large desert areas without roads and sometimes we need to go to a place inside that desert, and BRouter and other routing solutions does not support routing for places where there are no roads, so I have a suggestion to implement a solution that other implementations have of route route and then put a direct line to the position that has no routes next to it, and this solution is found in many applications such as Navitel and Osmand (example):

I contacted the developer of BRouter and he replied that this option is only possible by application developers,see:

Is it possible to develop this feature to be available through your application LM Pro?
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Locus Pro Classic 3.69.2