Malwarebytes detects Locus Map Pro as device administrator actor

Started by culinovic, December 21, 2021, 10:06:53

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On my android phone OnePlus 7Pro, antivirus software Malwarebytes in "Privacy Checker " shows  "Locus Map Pro" that "Act as a device administrator".
But in system "App Info" there is no such permission grant. There are only "Files and media" and "Location" permissions allowed.
Why Malwarebytes recognizes LocusMapPro as device administrator actor ?


Hi, "Device admin" is not a permission, but a special kind of access to high-level system features. In the case of Locus Map, the app ask for this to be able to control screen on/off turning during navigation.

Check your device system settings > Security. There should be some item named "Device admin apps", where you may see all apps that have any such special access.
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