Search address without tap and hold?

Started by claesh1, November 06, 2021, 10:19:18

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I turned off the "search address by tap and hold" option because I triggered it often involuntarily. But I can't find another way to invoke the same feature. It would be convenient if I could search for adress at the crosshair by click of a button, or similar. Is it possible somehow?



Andrew Heard

At present long-tap is either ignored, or displays the address (settings > controlling > tap & hold. I use the latter. But a more general system could be long-tap > context menu > whole range of menu options, not just address.
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Ok. But my problem is the opposite. I trigger tap and hold by mistake when I move around on the map. So I turn it off.  But once in a while I want to bring up the address, and there seems to not be any other way. It would be useful if a button could trigger this and not just a gesture. Just like you can zoom with gesture or with buttons for example.

Andrew Heard

as michaelbechtold said, create a suggestion topic
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Only if you are a Tasker nerd - that's possible. Send latlon to a Tasker script, retrieve address from Latlon (there's different APIs that can be used, I prefer nominatim osm), display/copy/... it. I'm doing numerous of such things but it's hard to share, my infrastructure grew, is a bit complex.
If you are a nerd in that field, you'd find necessary scripts in r/tasker.
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This is really interesting topic.
We already have prepared a server-side feature for creating a completely new "long click" experience: "What is here", where should be united address search + search in nearest interesting poi categories.
This brings me close to removing this "disable long click" option.

And here comes a question: how does this happen @claesh1 that you trigger long click by accident? The slow device with lags? How we may solve this? Increase time necessary to trigger "long click" may help here?
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Henk van der Spek

Even in the search for online adresses we have the tick box: search around cursor location. Maybe some wildcard in the search field could give the adress of the location.

On second thought: we normally hike with zoom level 16. Two taps up to level 18 gives me readable street names. So what is the real problem/question? For sharing your location there are other options.
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