Intents - allowing control from other apps (Tasker)

Started by wvb, June 29, 2011, 21:27:55

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Hi menion,

I am really enjoying Locus, just bought the Pro after a few days of testing the Free.
I am a heavy Tasker user as it can automate about anything and I currently use it to automatically store my location when I get out of the car and launch Google Maps with that location if I press a button.
It would be great if I could pass that location to Locus's Parking feature and start Locus with compass navigation to that location afterwards.
If you could enable this with Intents I can ask the dev of Tasker to add it in the 3rd Party category.
Intents will also allow other apps to use the feature..

Also I would like to reset gps data every night (download newest gps data) so I'm set to go in the morning, if there could be an intent for this that would be great.

so in short:
- intent to set parking location with location in URI
- intent to start compass navigation to already set parking location
- intent to reset gps data so new data is downloaded

thanks for this great program!


Hi menion,
Sorry to bump this one but was wondering what your thoughts are on the suggested features..
Are these things you plan on adding in the future?

If you want I have a link to open source software which has an intent that can be called from Tasker (or any other software)...

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I totally agree, there is a fantastic field for introducing these intents. Besides the above examples, I think Menion can find a lot more interesting ones.


Pushing this topic up again :)

Any such functionality would be really great... Or create some plugin for tasker ... :)

I would like to use it like 'when sms with position arrives - push intent to locus to add it to the current track like a new trackpoint ' or to navigate me to this position or anythin like this...

The parking is a great idea too :))) Generally when arriving to any location - I do not use the locus, but ... when finding the car again, the locus would be fine ... :D



there is a lot of possiiblities what to improve, not just this.

If you or others wants such feature, more supported intents etc. try to convince me and others here - more votes, higher chance it will be implemented ;)
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