Augmented reality improvements

Started by rijackson741, June 29, 2011, 14:45:25

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I find the augmented reality view very useful sometimes. Especially now we can altitude data to the POIs; that was a very nice improvement. I think there are a couple of things that would make it more useful though.

1) I find it very hard to see the radar sometimes. It would be nice if we could change the color of this so that it shows up better against light backgrounds.

2) It would be very useful if the distance to the highlighted POI were shown on the screen (only the highlighted one in the center of the screen, not all of them). Sometimes I would just like to know how far away it is, but at other times it would really help to discriminate two features that are almost in line with each other. If I can see the distance it would be clear, for example, that mount X (4.5km)  must be the one in front of mount Y (6.3km). Maybe other information might be useful too, such as bearing, elevation difference to current location, etc, but for me distance would be the most useful.