Track altitude summary calculation

Started by Alex2, June 29, 2011, 12:36:18

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Hello all, I have a question about information screen for selected track. At the bottom of screen there is summary about track total ascending and descending.
Last week I was on holiday at see. I sail a boat for the distance about 80 km with locus tracking on. When the trip was over I quickly checked track summary. What was surpassing that total assenting and descending was about 1100 m. I would expect something like 0 m in the ideal case or 10 - 100 m in real case. Has somebody experienced with this?
I believe that this error is caused by GPS altitude inaccuracy. Is it possible to switch some altitude filtering on in Locus? I haven't found such a setting :-( If not would it be possible to implement some kind of filtering like direction filter for for compass?


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