Deleting vactor-maps

Started by arnor, September 26, 2021, 21:21:42

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In Locus4 I installed several offline maps (such as maps from Freizeitkarte). I have now removed one map by choosing 'delete' on the hamburger menu after the map name. It now appears that the file data of this map still appears in the folder of the Vector maps. Should these be removed manually here or should I have chosen another method.


in the case of internal offline LoMaps, the app should correctly delete all files, so map itself and also a database file with offline LoPoints & addresses. In the case of vector maps from other sources, the app usually does not have direct information on which other files should be deleted together with the map.

What files remain in your filesystem after deletion?
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I had installed some Freizeitkarte-maps; for each map one file on the vector-map. By deleting the first map stays the file. So I post a message and was waiting for the answer.

I tried again other maps and deleten files works now OK.