Map resolution to 75% ?

Started by florian, September 17, 2021, 10:50:43

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i'm looking for a function to decrease map resolution
In Settings / Map / Advanced functionnality / Scale all maps
you can only scale from 100% to  800%
i'm looking for a function to set scale to 75% (for example)

Use case : i'm using IGN French map.
At zoom level 15, you see dirt road. At zoom level 14, only main tarmac road
When map scale is 500m = level 15, 300 m = level 15, 1000m = level 14
I'm looking for a 700m map scale with level 15 which is possible only by pinch out slowly
Locus is on a tablet, on a motorbike. With gloves i can't pinch out with precision. Zoom button will go form 300m to 500 m  to 1000m

Would anyone know a way to set custom zoom level (for exemple 1000m = level 15) or a way to under scale map ?

thanks !


Not permanently, but you can turn "Zoom lock" on and, I think, resize down until 50%.
My "Tasker vs. Locus" YouTube playlist:


Thanks, for your answer

It works !
I didn't figure this function was there for zoom level lock