World overview map summer edition 2021 is available - enjoy

Started by michaelbechtold, August 30, 2021, 14:07:50

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Here are the most relevant news – feedback welcome:

Release notes 202108-1.0

The density of settlement names has been reduced considerably for areas with names in two alphabets (latin plus cyrillic, arabic, chinese), hindi, etc.) and higher settlement density.

The names of places (not in the sense of settlements) now appear (*) in areas that are settlement-free, with a brownish border. With this edition, farms are also shown this way (hardly in Eastern China, Central Europe, etc., but in Australia and the US Midwest, e.g.).

The regional addons to the ZL-10 world map with a transparent top zoom level for Locus are dropped. In Locus 4 there is the max. re-scale mechanism which makes this overhead unnecessary. In Locus 3 the top level is zoomed in for 2 zoom steps before the vector map becomes visible as well.

At the suggestion of Sonny (specialist for DTM) the world maps get a prefix that makes the names less cryptic. For example, W1-10-J70.mbtiles becomes OAM-World-1-10-J70.mbtiles. However, for a few releases I will provide both naming schemes to give users more time to adjust the settings in their apps (with the discontinued model being marked as such).

Correction of the nationality of Agaléga Islands (SC -> MU).

(*) well, since April in fact, but undocumented