Child waypoints LM4

Started by JohnCNA, August 24, 2021, 21:11:04

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When I create a waypoint in LM4, I get a wide variety of waypoint icons to choose from. This makes it easy to visually determine which is which while viewing the map.

With geocaches, no matter if I import a GPX with child waypoints or create a child waypoint myself, the selection of map icons is limited to just a couple and they are pretty small and don't show up on the map as well.

I understand that the waypoint TYPE has to be limited to those types that are supported by, but since the icons themselves do not get included with an exported GPX, can we get access to the full list of icons when creating child waypoints?


Hmm, so the problem you try to solve is that icons are not clearly visible on the map? Because then the solution should be to improve these icons. Or do you try to add to caches some generic points? Then you try to do something that is not supported by the app.
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