Author Topic: Impossible to select Route Segment  (Read 170 times)

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Impossible to select Route Segment
« on: August 23, 2021, 16:21:24 »
When I trying to use route planner with BRouter
sometimes happens situations when route segrents switched to a state, when it's impossible to select them.

Here is the steps to reproduce the issue:
1. Choose BRouter as route provider in the Settings.
2. Go to route planner
3. Select any car profile (fast or eco)
4. Choose first point
5. Choose second point. It should be pretty far from the first 1000 .... 2000km. (After this step, route planner will start route calculation for the first added segment.
6. While route calculation process is in progress: add thirt route point (by long-tap on the screen).

And here is to ways to reproduce the issue:
- Manually inperrupt route calculation by tapping (X) button on screen.
- First route segment must be very long more that 3000km, so BRouter will fail due to timeout.

In both cases. All route segments which was added while BRouter worked on calculation of first segment, will switched in state when user can't select them.

Here is the video which illustrate the issue.

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Re: Impossible to select Route Segment
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