Theme for distinguishing forest roads from non-motorized hiking paths

Started by renius28, August 18, 2021, 10:32:40

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Here in the pacific northwest of USA (washington, oregon, idaho), we have forest service roads throughout the national & state forests. These unpaved roads are so common that they make it difficult to differentiate hiking trails (non-motorized paths) unless you zoom in closely. On most maps and themes, like OpenAndroMaps v4 and elevate, the forest roads are light grey color, while most hiking paths are light brown dotted. This makes it painful to distinguish the two on my Galaxy s10e phone. See screenshot attached.

Is there a good theme, or perhaps a setting in Locus that I'm unaware of, that can brightly recolor the hiking paths?

EDIT: It seems that all trails "without difficulty indicated" are brown. But MOST trails we use our here don't have a difficulty. How can I recolor from the default brown?


I remember some recommended for good distinguishing desert from outdoor/desert V4 map theme package.

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I don't know if the tagging is different for you. But forest roads, dirt roads, for vehicles (OSM: Highway = track) should be normal gray. Very bad ones are dashed in gray.
Only paths (hiking trails, MTB trails) without any indication of difficulty are normally brown. Take a look at the legend of OAM / Elevate. It is possible that the routes are incorrectly entered in the OSM. I sometimes find wrong ones with us.
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Thanks for your replies. And Yes, the roads are grey and the trails are brown, but on my Galaxy s10e, these are fairly indistinguishable colors. The VAST majority of trails here in Oregon and Washington do not have a difficulty marked, so I'm always on a "brown" trail. Is there any way to customize this color? Or how do I get started in modifying the Elevate theme myself?

EDIT: I have the elevate.xml and now I'm playing around with changing all of the color "#9C6800" to something else. It seems to work when I replace that xml into my locus folder.