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Started by bruno60, July 26, 2021, 15:19:12

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Hi All,
I am a locus map pro 3.5 user and  yesterday installed also Locus 4 with the free silver subscription.

I have some problem with OpenAndroMaps. 

I'm using OAM version 2021-06-03 (last version) with Elevate theme (last version). On Locus map pro 3.5 I have correct visualization with contour lines while in Locus 4 it seems that elevate theme is not used at all: I see no contour lines, text seems larger and other stuff looking different. 

To understand what's going on  I removed the elevate folder from   mapsVector/_themes  and had the same behaviour in locus 3.5 (no countor lines, bigger texts and other differences.

Now I installed again Elevate but it works only in Locus 3.5.

What do You suggest?


Elevate and OAM work for me in LM4. You could try posting in the OAM forum. Screenshots would help, also.
I'm not sure if you tried a fresh install of Elevate, perhaps you did.
Do you have anything on an "external" SD card. That messes things up for some phones with Locus.
Have you set a non-default directory for maps? That's different in LM4?

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I sorted out this stuff,
I didn't realize you have also to select Elevate after installing it.  In the list of themes I had Elements and Elevate.