Lorouter offline - Profile for 4x4 off-road with suggestion how to do it

Started by francisco, July 23, 2021, 14:26:00

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Locus map is the best app for 4x4 offroad. Use it very often and very good indeed. For example the navigation guide, voice on navigation and waypoints is extremely useful in 4x4 offroad because we can concentrate in very complex/dangerous terrains without risk to look too often to the screen and go to a micro-dangerous part of the trail.
Also Orux, but very complex for me & any newbie.
But Locus lacks something to be perfect: 4x4 off-road profile, needed when designing routes and also when we need recalculate a track/route (example: new no-go area, that happens often in 4x4 offroad navigation). In Marketing this little thing opens Locus Maps to a new market: the 4x4 vehicles owners.
In Brouter this theme has been discussed. But I'm on Lorouter, because is the future for Gold subscribers.
The suggestion:
1. Reading maps I saw that they have MTB grades in trails;
2. After doing some trails I saw that
- Grades 0 & 1 - all the ones I've done are appropriate for 4x4 vehicles
- Grade 2 - generally appropriate for 4x4 vehicles (depends on its size & height & characteristics of vehicle); we can go around if a very narrow portion of trail appears with a no-go+recalc or visually searching in map an alternative
- Grades >=3 generally not appropriate for 4x4 vehicles; exceptionally may be appropriate, but should not be considered in route calculation; if we want go there we have the option to manually design the route by there

a) This is my first suggestion, for Locus team create a default Lorouter 4x4 offroad profile
b) Also if there is a way to manually create a Lorouter profile with those characteristics, please a manual or guide how to do it. This b) suggestion can be useful for other activities that need a different profile from the default ones.
Edited: MTB grades were wrong


As an adv motorcyclist  we seek many of the same trails.  I believe I have seen the mb ratings on other maps.  You could possibly overlay one of those .  Also seek out mvum maps and data.  Lastly we always import all our gpx files so the tracks use the slope data....this really helps.


another locked reference:

Openandromaps shows roads suitable for 4x4 Overlanding better than OpenStreetMap. The distinguishing symbols are pretty similar. The straight solid line is macadam (gravel) paths through meadows and forests. Dashed lines are paths suitable only for forest machines because the vegetation encroaches on the path.  Is it possible to set in the .brf files which path types should be considered in the calculation?
Global differences could perhaps be resolved precisely on the ability of the user to choose a priority type of road.



Hi guys, I've sent an echo to Radim who takes care of the routing system in Locus Map. He is currently 14 days off, so his response will have a small delay.
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems): help.locusmap.eu
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


Thank you, Menion.
Last time I failed to include the uploaded image in the message.  Here's an example. I want to absolutely avoid the right-hand road, the left-hand type suits me regardless of the length for overlanding.


Radim V

Hello all.
@francisco, thanks for your evaluation of trail grades (How much region specific it is?). If the decision of Locus supporting 4x4 vehicles or dual sport bikes is made, we will use it. There is 4UMaps already available in Locus (small areas can be downloaded for offline use) which displays MTB grades. Why we think this 4x4 routing is tricky: In west Europe where most of Locus users reside the legal 4x4 overlanding is virtually impossible due to many mapped and not mapped restrictions and barriers. So there would be the router which produces routes that we know to be very unreliable. In the other parts of the world such profiles may work.