Locus Map Gold is too dark

Started by Wole, June 12, 2021, 16:08:19

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I have now received the update to Android 13.
Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

The brightness and the speed of the dimming did not improve.

I must therefore continue to do without LM4 and hope for long support of LM3 by Menion.


I use the Oppo Find X2 pro as a bike sat nav because LM4 doesn't run properly on most Samsung devices.

Now my Oppo receives the ColorOS 12.1 software with the information that overheating protection has now been installed. According to the description, apart from a few apps, all the rest should be shut down when a certain temperature is exceeded.

Then it seems that the other manufacturers of smartphones are gradually following Samsung's example, so that it can be foreseen when LM 4 is no longer useful.

I will not import the update for the time being and have asked Oppo at what temperature the function will take effect.


I have now received the following answer to my request from Oppo about installing the overheating protection:

"When the temperature of the device reaches around 40 degrees Celsius, appropriate temperature control measures and strategies are taken. This is mainly to protect the battery to prevent damage to the device and battery.

If you receive a corresponding warning message or the device switches itself off, it is advisable to let the phone cool down before continuing to use it."

The Oppo reached temperatures of max. 44 degrees outdoors in summer. This means that the use as a navigation system for LM4 is so severely restricted that I will not import the update in order to be able to continue using LM4. This information for other users to decide how to deal with this issue.


I do not have this dimming issue with LM4 on my Samsung S22 Ultra running Android 13.