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Started by pkasapovic, May 29, 2021, 19:49:31

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I have one route with waypoints defined in it and I needed to recreate part of route, since road has been moved , so I have start with split and notice that after the split there are no waypoints in new two created files.
I have try to find an option to export waypoints from old route and to import them later when I recreate part of route, but I didn't find that option.

So proposal for application that during the split you can chose into which of two new routes do you want to copy existing waypoints. Or to have an option to export waypoints from route into the point folder, and later import them into the route from that folder. This second option would be useful for some other reasons for me as well :D

I have found option to export point into the file, but when I have 10 or more waypoints it is lot of work to export one by one and then import them.



By waypoints you probably mean those ones that contain the navigation instructions?
Such as the Left Right instructions and also the Via points. Correct ?
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No I mean to manually added points. For example I create points for gas station, restaurant, etc. Those points are removed in splited routes. I understand that it is hard to say to which route points should be added to, because there are situation where you want to split the route and remove one of them, and in that case it would be good to have option to chose to which new route you want to copy points.

Or to add option to export points from route to the points folder, and then import them in splited route (this option for importing points from folder already exists)

Navigation waypoints that are automatically generated remains in splited routes.


Just to mention that I do everything on the pone....
Source is track generated by BRouter on phone. I have added additional points in that track (not in Data\Points tab and then some folder, but directly in track/waypoints tab) on the phone, and after some time I need to reroute it. I have start with split and notice that points that I have added manually into the track are removed in splits. So currently only option that I have found is to export points one by one into the file and import them. Navigation instructions generated by BRouter remains in splits.

Here is what I do


Option for exporting all points exits in Data\Points tab for folder, but it seems that this is not possible to do this in track. So it would be nice to have option to export points that I need from track\waypoints tab that was added manually.


In waypoints of track it is possible to import point from some point folder by making a copy of point or to move it from point folder into the track and this is great. But it would be great to be able to export points from trac to some point folder, split track and reroute part of it and then import points back from point folder :)

Andrew Heard

upfront apologies - I haven't followed the detail of these discussions but...
instead of a simple track split, have you considered copying/ duplicating the track, then each track still retains a copy of all POI, then delete the partial track from each, but retain the POI for each?
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Dear pkasapovic,

Although I couldn't help you much further.

Quote from: 0709 on May 30, 2021, 22:30:59
I myself have never used it like this in Locus.

By following your method you have unexpectedly helped me with the following:


Place extra (poi)wpt's in the track (database) by pressing the + sign.
This track, including all present waypoints, can be perfectly exported into one gpx file.
For years I was close to the solution, but I still incomprehensibly missed it. Never used the +.
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@Andrew thanks for suggestion, this approach is much better than splitting route, export one by one point to the gpx from old route and import them again one by one. I would need to remove custom points from one of the track, at one track delete all points before some point, and on second track remove all points after some point, but for sure it is faster :)
So proposal for option to export points from track to the points folder still remains as good option (from my point of view and use) :)

@0709 glad that I have help to solve some old topic :D


Hello guys,
I think this may be partially considered as a problem.

In the next version will be an improved version of this split mechanism.
- waypoint directly attached to certain trackpoint will be added to the correct track 1 or 2
- "floating waypoints" will be added to the nearest track
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Thanks Menion.

Also it would be a nice option to be able to export points from track to point folder as well.