LM4 - no startup screen

Started by JohnCNA, April 15, 2021, 16:33:58

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So I'm a recent upgrader to LM4 from LMPro. Really liking the extra features, especially the cloud sync between my tablet and phone. V4.0.2 on both devices. But I noticed a difference between the two when starting up.

On my phone, I get the customary "Initializing Locus" screen as shown in the attached. On my tablet, that screen does not show on startup. It just goes right to the map display. Much faster! Is the tablet not doing something at startup that it should? Or could I turn that off on my phone to make the startup faster?

Phone: Galaxy S20, Android 11, one UI 3.1
Tablet: Galaxy Tab S3, Android 9, one UI 1.1