Time Rings - more readable with white text frame background

Started by svartbjorn, June 20, 2011, 12:57:23

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The new Time Rings are really great! It is no problem reading the text ("xx minutes") when standing still, but this is something you typically will read while moving. Then the text often is hard to read by a quick look at the screen, a bit depending upon the map background. Would it be possible to have a white background for the text frame? The user could select the transparency of the text box, so it would be solid white with 0% transparency and invisible with 100% transparency. Just copy the transparency feature you already have today for tracks. May be the magenta font color today is too bright with a white background. Check it out.

The same applies to the scale indicator at the bottom left corner of the map. Would it be possible to implement the same frame box control for the text? Also the black distance line would be easier to see with a wider white outline (seems to be a small white outline for the horizontal part of the line). Or make the distance line much thicker.


added ability to set color and font size for time rings, dynamic altitude, POI description (all under one color and font size settings)

scale indicator highlighted ...
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