WMS map causing Locus4 to crash

Started by eniac, March 30, 2021, 21:47:18

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Hi, I'm running Locus 4.0.0-V14 with standard CZ offline Locus vector map. I just saw a post about WMS maps from CUZK displaying district boundaries. I enabled geoportal.cuzk.cz and eventually geoportal-zm.cuzk.cz and both of these cause Locus to crash. Locus version 3.5 runs ok with these maps. Note that later I realized ags.cuzk.cz is the right overlay to show and that one runs ok with both Locus versions.


Hello Eniac,
so may you please write me more precise steps to simulate this issue with the latest, already public, version of Locus Map 4? Thank you!
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