Takes a long time to save a Geocache waypoint?

Started by JohnCNA, January 22, 2021, 04:25:37

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Just since the last update, it takes approximately 5 seconds to save a waypoint when viewing a geocache.
Saving a waypoint from the map screen gets saved instantly.  But if I'm viewing a geocache and then select Add Waypoint so that it gets added as a child waypoint, it takes around 5 seconds for it to save after pressing the check mark to save it.  This just started after the last update.  I'm using 3.50.1


Hello John,
hmm, you do common steps > tap on the geocache, in the side menu of the cache screen, tap on the Waypoint > add and finally save and now it takes circa 5 seconds?
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Yes, that is correct.
Viewing a geocache, tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select add New Waypoint and it takes 5 or more seconds to save after I tap the check mark.  This is new behavior.

If I am just on the map screen and hit the + icon to add a waypoint, it saves instantly.

I did have about 40 lists of geocaches, but most are small, perhaps 20-30 points each. I deleted all but 10 or so and it makes no difference to this.