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Started by MiSo, November 16, 2020, 22:53:48

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Hello Locus Users,
I found out that Locus has many option to share my position/cursor location with others.
But I can't found or this feature not exit possibility to share position betwean two Phones with installed Locus with offline map with simple text link send over SMS TEXT.
Some times in mountains or in forest we haven't internet signal (GPRS/EDGE or better). The only I can do is send text. with point coordinates over SMS. But first Locus creates smart google maps link which can be easy opened by google maps but remember that we haven't internet connection.
Locus also allow create txt with a message but first we need to remove some welcome text "Hello this is locus and my position is .." and finale we can add text with coordinates. Then we can send this text over some transport layer like SMS.
But troubles start on second side the we need to find this location in Locus maps again. We must copy position to clipboard then in Locus make search and choose option Move Position to from clipboard.
This not so easy and smart to do.
I describe my problem and now is my question:
Is this the only way to share position between two Locus App (no internet)?
And second if answer for my previous question is YES then I want to add to Feature Wish a new feature which simplify this process.
I'm not a android app developer but maybe is possible to create some URL prefix and register it in system to open its automatically with Locus.
Best regards
Thank You for superb mapping apps :)


Locus Pro Classic 3.70.5


Thank you for info. I didn't found this topic.