Desktop Version of Locus

Started by tommybgoode, June 15, 2011, 17:52:23

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I'd love to have a PC Version of Locus, e.g. for trip planning etc.
Syncing would be nice, but not elementary.

Regards, Thomas


This could be possible in the future. Run Android on top of Windows as a Virtual Machine.

More here, but still in pre Alpha.  ;)


I guess that is not exactly what he is looking for, but maybe a start. I however do not consider a pc version a major goal for locus.


QuoteI however do not consider a pc version a major goal for locus.
Nor do I. I mentioned this just for the sake of technical feasibility.


this is nice idea, and should be very useful mainly for viewing already downloaded maps etc. but I really do not have time for this. But .. never knows :)
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Yes, I'd love it for planning. I bought the pro version and I would also pay for the desktop version.

Is this so much work? I'm not into android-programming. But since it is java (isn't it?) I would think it is not
too much work to do a desktop version. But I am no expert in this case.


Another point:

I know there are a lot of people out there using Mapsource or other applications to plan their trips.
Many of them, like me, aren't happy with it.

Also, there are many people using different apps on android like Oruxmaps, Locus, ...

But if there was an app with an equivalent application, this would be a big advantage compared to
other apps/applications.

And if pricing is OK, I'm sure many people would buy it...  :mrgreen:


There is QLandkarteGT, which is similar to Mapsource/Basecamp (also it's the only option for Linux users). I think it also works on Windows and Mac.