Themes for Motorcycling

Started by tobser, September 08, 2020, 00:19:02

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Hello everyone
I like to ride a motorcycle a lot and am looking for an acceptable representation for a good representation of the roads (and gravel roads - but NOT the paths !!!). Unfortunately, despite extensive research, I have not yet found this. The dessert theme comes closest to my needs, the streets, and especially the side streets, are displayed very well and a little wider. But since I also drive forest roads and gravel roads, the whole thing quickly becomes very confusing when the route display is activated in the dessert theme.
Unfortunately, this is also the case with other themes (Elevate, Elements; Voluntary etc.).
When riding a motorcycle, you want to grasp the essentials with a quick glance at the map. My favorite would be: good, not too narrow street display, also with side and small streets and gravel roads that can also be activated for motorcycle use. No paths or the smallest trails, they make things confusing.
Does anyone have a tip for me? With the Openandromaps_Map with the dessert theme (I just let it run along without navigation) I have already driven a lot of nice little streets, these are well represented there. Only when the asphalt ends and the gravel begins will the terrain end, in the truest sense of the word.
There must be a few motorcycle freaks here who use Locus pro and sometimes leave the streets.
I would be very happy about your tips.
Many greetings from Tobias


I suggest you have a look at, specifically here where there is LOTS of Locus stuff discussed including themes.

I use "velocity" for motobiking  8)

For planning I use a zoomlevel where all small roads disappears.
While biking I use a zoomlevel where I can see all roads but only "drivable" are coloured.