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Started by papab, June 20, 2020, 22:56:58

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I starting to create my own custom mapsforge map and theme.   I can load the theme and use it with an openandromap map, or I can load the homebuilt map and some standard themes show up on the menu, but not mine.   
Any ideas why the theme  won't show up with the new map?

Edit: it works in Cruiser, but not in Locus (up to date pro version)
Edit: It looks like a V3 vs V4 issue, maybe my .map is V3.   Not sure why, I have the latest mapsforge jar file.


I'll answer my own question.   It appears that if the map is a v3 map, the theme has to be v3, etc.


correct, to support both maps you will need two version of the theme file. Note there are some syntax differences for the tags too.
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