This cartridge was not designed to be played in simulation..

Started by Keeper, June 11, 2011, 05:38:43

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Motorola Droid X v2.3.3
Whereyougo v0.5.0
Problem: unable to resume cartridges.
Error: "This cartridge was not designed to be played in simulation mode"

I tried to play one tonight and had to start over several times.  If I answered a question wrong, it never prompted me again for the question.  It just said "Pending".

So I would exit and come back.  When I did, it would give this error.  The second time my phone shut itself down for no reason.  Once again ... I couldn't resume.

I finally got to the end and wrote down all the final information, which was good.  Because now I can't go in and see anything about it because it gives the same error.  If need be, I can e-mail you the files that I have from this Whereigo cache.