Bulk import GPX into folders with gpx name

Started by t0k0, March 12, 2020, 03:20:01

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I have built up a lot (>200) of GPX tracks from various sources; OHV trails, hiking trails, etc that are grouped by the managing facility, e.g. state_park_1.gpx, national_forest_1.gpx, national_park_1.gpx, city_of_foo.gpx.

Is there a way to import all of these GPX files at once putting each GPX in it's own folder?

Would I be better off converting these GPX tracks to a KML file and putting separating the managing facility by folders within the KML, so have a KML named MVUM_Trails.kml with folders named for the corresponding National Forest, e.g. a folder named San Juan NF?

- San Juan NF [Folder]
  - Wolf Crk C (725.C) [Feature]



Hello Matt,

such multi-import is not possible in Locus Map. On our help-desk where we collect ideas is one very very old called "Import dream" (if I remember correctly) that is exactly about this topic.

So currently is possible to import one or more file (more at once by packing to zip file), but only to single folder. Or you may as alternative use so-called "Map items" where you may keep folder structure as you have, but work with tracks is then not so flexible as when they are directly imported in the app database.

Hope this helps a little.
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