v3.44 POIs photos not shown after selecting from map

Started by Sersus2, March 09, 2020, 10:01:27

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When I select a photo POI on map and go to "Attachment" tab I see nothing in it!
But when I go for the same POI to the separate menu "Data" -> my POIs and select the same one it shows the photo attachment without a problem.
What would be a problem? Is this a bug?

(Sorry for Russian version on screenshots but I think all the details should be clear)


Quote from: 0709 on March 10, 2020, 09:55:17
I had a test with the attached zip. (No unzip !  > Direct Locus import)
* 4 points has attachment:  Hond, Lucky Luke, Boerderij, Keer om

In 3.44.1 Pro. @ Sersus2. Issue Confirmed
1. Track and points merged OK
2. Track and points separated NOK.

In version Beta.
Find in the Release notes. Solved: Point screen does not contain all data.
1. Track and points merged. OK
2..Track and points separated. OK

* It would be nice that points that do contain a 'link' to an attachment shows on map  indication, by red circle around the *Icon. New Idea ?  Anyone a comment or better suggestion ?

*Must Keep the original on track Icon (not replaced by thumbnail photo) because the Icon is neccesary for the Navigation instructions.
Great, thank you! Waiting for the next Locus release.

As for an additional indication for POI with attachments I think it would be great and enough to make a bit bolder border around a sign (placemark).

For me much more frustrating the lack of the photo on the main POIs tab as a preview. Every time I have to go to the "Attachement" tab and tap the photo to see it. Too many taps to just see the photo (((


Hi, did you found a moment to test the latest 3.44.3 version, if mentioned issues are fixed? Thanks
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Quote from: menion on March 25, 2020, 09:41:35
Hi, did you found a moment to test the latest 3.44.3 version, if mentioned issues are fixed? Thanks
Oh yes, the 3.44.3 version works as expected! Thanks you guys!