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Started by sharkos, June 06, 2011, 20:44:00

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I am a subscriber of In Locus I entered my ID (12 digit-number) in den field "Name" which can be reached under the menu-item "pre-paid". Although I checked the id twice and deleted the map-cache, I still get only "Zugriff gesperrt" tiles. Any ideas?


Technical manual:
the parameter {$t} must be replaced by the id


Ok, I should not open the map with locus and a browser on the PC in the same wlan. Now it seems to work. But downloading the map is realy slow...


fine, that you found a problem. Really slow? Hmm map is probably downloading only one at once. I'll have to write to owner of this server, to ask which speed he allow for pre-paid users. Thanks for info ...
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