How to... follow my imported track?

Started by adelinoaraujo, June 03, 2011, 21:22:12

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Hi. First of all, great app; I've been trying to use it and learn.

I want to import my friends tracks and I see it on the screen. Been trying to make the application to tell me where to go, just follow the track from beggining to end, like any ordanary gps. I want to use Locus in my bike rides, so I need to follow some tracks. I would love to hear it telling me where to turn and if I just go the wrong way, it should warn me.

Tried to find this info on the forum, but could not locate it or does not exist.

Thank you. Great app.



Unfortunatly turn-by-turn navigation isn't available. But you can set up an acoustic warning, when you leave the track at a given distance... Check the settings. ;)

Cheers, berkley
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