route planning: set order of points

Started by not_a_robot, July 29, 2019, 15:32:34

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I'm currently trying to plan my mtb route through the woods.

Unfortunately locus always calculates the shortest route from the points I set on the map. Is there any way to set the order of the points?

I want to stick to the small footpaths to get a proper altitude profile (so direct drawing is not an option)


I do not fully understand the problem. When Locus Map generates route you do not want to follow, you may always grab small "red" circle in the middle of the generated segment and move it to the location you want to pass. Does it help?
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Do you use guiding or navigation ?
If the latter, what routing service ?

Guiding /guidance does not use any routing service and always creates the route as a serie of straight lines between points.

Navigation uses 3rd party online or offline service and follows the OSM road network, according to the particular routing algorithm. For offline usage, Brouter is recommended.

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