Author Topic: Cannot exit from Locus store after buying and downloading LoMap  (Read 291 times)

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Locus Map Pro 3.38.3 on a Pixel 2 running latest June 2019 update of Android 9. After buying and downloading a map, I press the back arrow at top left, but when I get back to the screen I've taken a screenshot of below, pressing the back arrow merely reloads the same screen. I've noticed this problem several times now. The only way to get back to the map screen is to use the Android overview button to view all running apps, terminate Locus from there, and then start it again.


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Re: Cannot exit from Locus store after buying and downloading LoMap
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 22:00:40 »
Good day Nick,
interesting. This issue is in Locus Map for maybe two years and finally, with 3.38, I was sure that issue is finally solved. Seems not, hmm.
A quick hack is to press the back button more than once quickly.

Anyway, I just made a better useful solution: like in some other screens, I've added small floating "home" button to bottom left corner which returns directly on the main map screen. So next version. Thanks for the bug report.
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