No gps signal in airplane??

Started by rohank, May 06, 2019, 18:08:35

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On my first flight with Locus I used a gps mouse and got 15 and more satelites displaid. But none could be used by Locus : --/20.
There were strong signals, but no fix in Locus?
No way using Locus in flights?
giup viec nha gia re

Henk van der Spek

In the window seat I had a fix many times directly on my phone. In Locus and in my Navi-app.
Motorola G82 5G 6/128 Android 13 and Motorola Moto G73 5G 8/256 Android 13


I tracked 1000s of miles when at window seats, using Locus.
Some observations, though:
- GPS sensitivity differs heavily between different models (Samsungs quite OK, Moto G3 great, LG G5 a mess)
- the App GPS locker requests GPS from Android independently/ in parallel to Locus - will help to understand where the bottleneck lies.
Good luck & cheers


For me the recording works well, if a fix exists before the start. At travel speed I don't get a fix.



your tip with GPS tracker was very helpful. Many thanks.