Exporting a personal downloaded (overlay) Locus map for use in Google Earth?

Started by 2012, April 24, 2019, 16:14:57

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I have a map from a custom map source that I would like to view in a 3D map environment like Google Earth (pro) on Windows (or Android, but I think that is much harder if at all possible?). I am already using it as an overlay with other maps in Locus, and have downloaded it as a personal SQL map.

I have seen people doing similar things (external overlay maps shown as clinging-to-ground in Google Earth) with a service called CalTopo (https://caltopo.com/). They add a custom layer with the map URL (similar to Locus custom map sources) and then if you are a paid subscriber to the service you can get a live link to a Super-Overlay (https://developers.google.com/kml/documentation/kml_21tutorial#superoverlays) KML file (served on the caltopo.com site) which can be added to Google Earth to serve up layer tiles. (see example images at http://help.caltopo.com/kb/basics/google-earth-integration) But I don't know if this program could really do what I want, I would much rather have a local file that I could add to Google Earth. And also I would rather not mess around with other programs since I like Locus so much. :)

Is it possible to export a saved map to KMZ to open in Google Earth? Would it otherwise be an idea for future functionality for Google Earth integration? Or is there some better way to do this? (Long-time wish is of course 3D display support in Locus, but that is another feature request/wish already. ;D)

Here are some more example images using CalTopo to show the Strava (no longer possible for detailed zooms after Strava requiring login!), just to show what things can look like in Google Earth:


unfortunately, the export of downloaded maps over Locus directly into KMZ format is not possible over Locus Map application.

We have a good experience with the mapc2mapc application so maybe it should be possible over this app.

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Thanks for your response and suggestion. I will try MAPC2MAPC as you suggest and see how that works for me!