Locus Waer available Data fields to display

Started by jajaballard, February 11, 2019, 16:24:21

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is there a list of the date fields which are availble for display on the Locus Wear add on?

I'm just searching for a replacement for my Bike Computer. 

Special interest data:
-current Speed
-current altitude
-average speed
-trip evaluation gain
-trip distance
-trip time (duration)
-current hill slope / gradient   (Steigung/Gefälle) like: 5%
-current heartrate]

I  know these values are available in Locus Map , but are they alsoi in the Wear app?

Regards Ralf



currently the Locus Map Watch add-on for Wear OS requires connection to the phone running Locus Map (all the data are evaluated and recorded there).

Supported values and statistics that can be shown by the add-on are:
- Track time & distance
- Speed - current, average, max
- Elevation uphill/downhill
- Distance uphill/downhill
- Altitude current, min, max
- Heart rate current, average, max
- Energy
- Cadence average, max
- Pace
- Watch battery & current time

Slope is currently not implemented, but could be added in the future. Heart rate has been reported as a bit buggy for some users if captured directly by the watch itself. External HR sensors like chest-strap should be fine.

Also as an another suggestion, you could possibly consider getting another second-hand or cheap Android phone just to use as a Bike Computer? We are currently working on ways to synchronize two or more instances of Locus Map running on multiple devices (will require Internet connection though), so that could make using LM on two phones more usable in the future.
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Hi Milan.
Thanks for your reply.

Seems everything is in except of "slope" .

Already any ideas, when it could be possible implemented?

Thanks for your suggestion, but using another phone does not solve me y issue:
I would like to have a device , which has a display permanently on.
Just like a standard old fashion bike computer.

So my optimum would be:
- a small smart phone with
- ANT+ sensors connected, with
- huge battery power
- ruining Locus with
- display always on in bright mode
- for several hours
- waterproof

But I did not found anything like this jet. 8)

So, a simple smart watch with the Locus Wear App connected to my  Nokia, will maybe a possible compromise.