Show current MyTracks recording on Locus map

Started by auric, May 26, 2011, 13:04:52

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Version: 1.8.3ME
System: Android 2.3.3, HTC build 2.36.405.8
Device: DHD

Today, I did some testing with the MyTracks recording method.
It appears to me that the trail isn't shown in this case. It is however available in the Tracks list.
What works is this:
  • Select the track that is currently recorded
  • Go back to the map screen
  • The track is shown up to that point.
Of course, you keep on moving, so you can repeat this later on to update the track.

It is a nice-to-have when Locus would be able to do this automatically: retrieve the data and draw it while it's still recording, to have the same behaviour as when Locus tracking is used.
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Hi Auric,
  I know that this should be nice but ...
answer is already in this topic viewtopic.php?f=10&t=638

  I cannot simply check if new point was saved. I have to everytime load whole track. It's not a problem when track have few points, but later this should be problem. I'll do some check how much people use MyTracks in Locus and if a lot, then I should write to MyTracks developers. Otherwise this will remain as is ...
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Ok indeed.
I searched for that question and I stumbled upon that thread, but I didn't read it fully since it wasn't what I was reporting.

You're right, reloading every second can be power intensive.

manual refresh will do the trick as well :-)
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