Large map question shown, even if map is far less then 2 GB

Started by locusfan, May 25, 2011, 22:25:34

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I have a large online map of 1,5 GByte size.
Now each time I start locus, I receive a Question, if I want to delete this map, since there are Problems with files larger than 2 GByte. I know about this problems and understand that there is currently no way to bypass it. However, this map is far away from 2GByte - there is still about 500MB of space left. So I certainly do not want to delete this map.

Unfortunately locus asks this question each time it starts. This is quite annoying and I fear the time when I accidentally hit the "delete" button

So why is this question coming up, even if there is more than half a GByte space left?
Is there a way to suppress this question, until I *really* run in trouble because the map becomes too large?

And, by the way, If I really will be forced to delete some tiles somewhen in the future, I would prefer to delete the *NEWEST* files. Is there a chance to add an option to *KEEP* the files older than a given number of days?



  this is an cache of online map (shared mode) or already downloaded and stored offline map

anyway You're correct, I set value to 75% of max size. changed to 95% so cca 1.9GB

and if this show you with online cache map (I pretend), then there is option to delete only older tiles then X days. But count that this operation takes really looooooooong time (few hours surely!). SQLite database in Android have limited power (as well as android itself), so this "deleting of old tiles" should be much faster on desktop computer, but unfortunately I have no time to write such a tool ...
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