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Started by daubor, May 25, 2011, 10:49:55

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I would like to see more customization for custom screens!

Due to the fact, that i'm using Locus mainly in car and the autozoom is still not implemented  :roll: i need to zoom a lot.
My custom screen is showing all info i need, but for zooming i always need to go back to locus-homescreen..zoom zoom..and back again on my custom screen.

Is it possible to add tasks to the elements of custom screens?

For example:
      locus:task="wpt_next" <!-- when the element is touched/clicked, the next waypoint is selected -->
      locus:rotateImage="@drawable/marker" />

      locus:task="zoom_out"/>  <!-- when the element is touched/clicked, map is zoomed out -->[/color]

There are a lot of actions which could be triggered:
- start/pause/stop recording
- zooming
- switching customscreens (to switch to a predefined custom screen: locus:task="cs_chg_MaleSmurf")
- guide-controls
- gps on/off
- and so on...

I think this would improve the feature a lot!



  I know, autozoom is still missing :) ... "Rolling eyes" looks nice ... I'll focus on it soon, promise :)

about custom screens. Yes, this will be implemented in very similar way you talk. I'm still tuning some text and variables things. This is next step (second) - to allow some calling of some functions included in Locus. Third final step is planned to add support for some simple scripting language. Be patient, I'm working on it ...
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Hey that's great!
Third step sounds very good.  ;)