lineSymbols rotating, pathText not appearing until low level

Started by 93ToyTruck, August 12, 2018, 22:38:47

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A few small issues that I'm trying to resolve...

The lineSymbols on my highways are set to rotate="false" but they're still rotating. Depending on the direction of the coordinates, some of them are upside down. Is there a way to get them to align with North/South?

The pathText on my roads and trails usually don't appear until zoomed into the lowest level.  It seems to be related to the fact that trails have a lot of turns.  Straight roads are getting labels sooner.  I've tested other themes and they behave the same. This appears to be the behavior on all of the apps that support Mapsforge so it's possibly a product of the sdk.  Is there anything that can be done to increase the likelihood that a pathtext will be displayed? 

I have POI nodes with symbols and captions. The captions have position="right" but they're centered on top of the symbol. This is the code:
<rule e="node" k="amenity" v="waste_transfer_station">
   <symbol id="0x1a16" src="file:images/DumpTruck.png" display="always"/>
   <rule e="any" k="*" v="*" zoom-min="15">
      <caption fill="#000000" font-size="14" k="name" position="right" priority="10" stroke="#FFFFFF" stroke-width="2" symbol-id="0x1a16" />



1. rotate="false" works on the Mapsforge renderer (used for OAM Multilingual maps) but not the Locus renderer (used for LoMaps and OAM single-language maps).
2. pathtext fits text to single straight segments of the way. If the segment is too short the text won't fit and won't be displayed. If you reduce the size of the text, there is a greater chance it will fit into any given segment.
3. Your coding looks like it is written for the mapsforge renderer. The Locus renderer doesn't support position, priority or symbol-id. It does however support resolution-aware sizing using dp and scaling on zoom. Use something like:
<caption k="name" dy="14dp" font-style="bold" font-size="10dp" scale-font-size="18,1.1" scale-dy-size="16,1.15" fill="#000000" stroke="#80FFFFFF" stroke-width="2dp" />

I think dx may work in place of dy above but you'll have to test it.

For more (but limited) info see - which is unfortunately not altogether correct!
Voluntary and Velocity themes -
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@john_percy thank you for answers.

LoMaps really works only with mapsforge v3 renderer. So the parameters position="right" or rotete are not supported with LoMaps. Please try to use mentioned dx parameter as a workaround for position parameter