Openflightmaps - is it possible to use from Locus?

Started by szebenyib, July 05, 2018, 11:30:28

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do any of you use Locus with openflightmaps? I was curious if it would work with Locus and if so, then how.
The provider offers data as EPSG3857 tiles, mapbox tiles and geotiff, besides some -for me- totally unknown AIXM LH, ARINC424, OPENAIR, CUP formats.

Do you have info about this?



Hello Balint
OPENAIR .txt files can be used with locus
copy .txt file to locus/mapithems

use Mapc2Mapc to convert geotiff to locus supported format


LMC 3.66.0 AFA
Locus Map 4.15.2 Gold AFA
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Many thanks Wolfgang!
The txt import seems to work just fine :) Locus never stops amazing me.  8)


OpenAir format is not perfect and I can imagine improvements there, by my colleagues force me to stick more and more with hike & bike usage of Locus Map, so ... :). Anyway for some basic usage and overview of airSpaces, good enough.
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