Live Tracking and Nextcloud

Started by Loigoma, June 26, 2018, 21:35:12

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I'm trying to get the Live Tracking on my self hosted nextcloud server to work, but I'm struggeling with the data sent to the server.
There exists a Tracking-Plugin for nextcloud - Phone Track - which seems to work with a couple of GPS devices/protocols, but not with Locus Map. Or I have configured something wrong.

I have tested the Locus Map Live Tracking with an URL defined as OpenGts and it says sending data to the server is OK.
On the server I can see the position with the correct name, User Agent (OpenGts) and it seems the hight is correct, too.
But Timestamp, Latitude and Longitude are completely wrong. I am situated in Austria, it shows a position in the sea next to Africa :)
Timestamp shows: 1999-11-30 01:00:00 (+01:00)

Do you have any hint what could be configured wrong? Or does someone here already has experience with tracking to a nextcloud server?

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Hi Mike,
I can't help you unfortunately. Couldn't really find any OpenGts documentation about their API and expected format or format configuration. Custom Live tracking works with various other solutions, most notably GPSies, so maybe compare their API to your current configuration/API of OpenGts server.
You could also try to catch HTTP messages that are exchanged between your service and possibly compare them to the messages exchanged with GPSies service, With these massages/requests captured you would probably see the difference immediately.
Locus is sending lat/lon as double precision floating point numbers (IEEE 754), maybe your service expects some kind of integer/long encoding or some custom/proprietary format. Really hard to say without digging deeper to the service.
Please let me know what the problem was if you find the solution.

Best Regards