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NTRIP client released
« on: May 21, 2011, 15:54:24 »
Hi Guys,

just discovered an app on the market: ... tripclient

It is a NTRIP client to improve GPS quality. Will mean, with the right Bluetooth GPS Receiver you'll get submeter accuracy!!! You have to have access to some RTK broadcaster, register here:

I personally didn't get it to work right now. Even with the windows NTRIP client from same dev:

I guess, it's a lack of my Bluetooth device, which has a MTK II Chipset: ... 18XT-F.htm

Tried to configure it with this little tool:

Maybe someone wants to try it and check if he gets it to work? Maybe someone with a GPS device with a built-in u-blox or antaris chipset? Use this tool to setup your device: ... enter.html

I know I know, a lot of links and a lot to test. Please, if you do some testing, be sure what you do. It won't brick your phone, but you can destroy your GPS device!!!

Let us know, if someone gets it to work without buying a 5.000 $ GPS device :D

Cheers, berkley
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