Connect external GPS using suunto Traverse Alpha. Not working.

Started by Jorge Amaya, June 12, 2018, 07:55:05

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Jorge Amaya

I work with my ├▒hone
Locus is my number one favorite tool. Yet since I have to Track my day with gps, my phone drains pretty fast. been trying to connect my New Smartwatch Suunto Traverse Alpha, but it doesn't recognize it. Noticed some specific connection for Zhephir and Polar. Anyone knows how to make it work. Would love to do it myself but its out of my field of work :(

.. Im a Botanist.

Please help me on this. Thanks in advance!


If this can help, I point that I can use Locus (and some other GPS oriented apps) on a smartphone (whose GPS don't works..) with an external (bluetooth)GPS unit.

The phone is a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, and the GPS receiver is a GlobalSat BT-338.


@Jorge Amaya Hello,
I doubt you would find a smartwatch that could work as external GPS source for Locus Map. The support for external GPS is quite old and is only intended for some proprietary external GPS receivers with Bluetooth.
Zhephir and Polar connection is only intended for HRM bands and/or chest straps also not smartwatch.

Suunto Traverse Alpha seems to have really nice GPS battery life, but the support for the watch would be quite difficult to add. Sorry :(

Have you tried setting up GPS auto-off mode in Locus Map and playing with its settings? That could help you achieve better battery life while losing some precision. Could be helpful to you if you are using it mainly to track while on foot.


I have found that putting my phone in airplane mode more than makes up for running the GPS. I also set Locus to shut off the GPS when the screen is asleep. I wake it up every 15 minutes or so to verify position and heading and then put it back in my pocket. I will typically have 75% battery at the end of a full day hike.