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Started by MaleSmurf, May 20, 2011, 18:41:09

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Version 1.05 - 020611

Since Locus 1.8.2 custom screens (skins) can be created by users. A manual and short description can be found here. Menion did a great job to provide an excellent plattform for custom screen design. I want to support him and Locus with my custom screen. You will find here always the latest release for download.

Download :  Version 1.05, tested with Samsung i5800 (240x400) and Samsung Ace (320x480)


To use the cs, copy the ZIP-file to the folder  Locus/data/customScreen
Please post your phone/resolution and whether the custom screen works...  ;)
Feel free to give feedback, bugreport or suggestions!

If you need a way to make a screenshot, just get SCREEN CAPTURE SHORTCUT. It's free and needs no rooted phone  ;)

Development:   cyclocomputer with analog display and tracking/altitude dashboard

Version  1.05



Version 1.04 uploaded...


Skin looks very nice on Galaxy Tab. Have not tested movements, but static info are pretty readable and layout is correct.
Problem: when customscreen is on, neither Hardware buttons nor doubleclick to show right menu work. Or is it a feature?
Its with all customerscreens, not only with yours.


Great to hear! Well, custom screen is different from homescreen. I don't know whether some functions from homescreen can be added to the custom screen. Only Menion can answer this question...  ;)


simple answer ... all these screen are done mainly as static screen for displaying custom information as user want. It should not be used as replacement for main screen. I'll later add some support for some active items but this is not a priority. All should work in style - you set all you need on main screen and when you're ready to go, you simply change screen to custom. Simply and thanks to top home button on custom screen and right panel on map screen, switching is pretty fast I think ... that's answer
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Version 1.05 uploaded...

The latest version contains the following information, listed from top to bottom:

Top screen:

    + GPS lon/lat, course (GPS or internal compass)
    + GPS lon/lat of waypoint (wpt), azimuth to target (if wpt is set)
    + name of next waypoint (if wpt is set)
    + direction arrow, shows direction to next waypoint (if wpt is set)
    + distance to next waypoint (if wpt is set)
Center screen:

    + map as background (if selected), covers the whole screen
    + analog speedmeter with average (green)/maximum (red) speed indicator (if selected)
    + compass rose showing course (if selected)

    + button bar on the right side to make items visible or hide them:
      + Button #1: top panel, to get more space on custom screen
      + Button #2: all waypoint informations
      + Button #3: speedmeter
      + Button #4: compass rose
      + Button #5: map as background
    + button bar on the left side to make items visible or hide them:
      + Button #1: shows PACE for runners
    Just tap on a button, to make an item visible or hide it!

Bottom screen:

    + map center lat/lon
    + GPS speed, GPS altitude
    + average speed (only when move), actual used satellites, visible satellites, GPS accuracy
    + recorded distance, recorded time (only when move)

For suggestions, bugreport or other feedback, use the thread in Locus forum.

Created by MaleSmurf for Locus.


Very nice, MaleSmurf! Thanks for sharing.



yes very nice :) I also mention that this skin is included in market version. Also confirm that works fine on 800x480 and also 1280x800 resolution ;) nice work ..
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems): help.locusmap.eu
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


Hi MaleSmurf,

thank you for your custom screen. Looks very nice.
But I have one question.  Should the "red Pace"  not be the same as speed at the bottom as I move?
Btw. it works on Defy 480 x 854 pixel

Regards J.


No, PACE is very different. It's used by runners and it's calculated in "minutes/km"...


Thanks for this skin!
Top Screen
It is possible to add the altitude of waypoint in 'all waypoint informations'?

Guiding a Route (Top Screen)
add a next line (button #2 - left side)
- total length of the route
- altitude at the end of route

Bottom Screen
add a next line (button #3 - left side)
- distance to the end of route
- estimated time enroute (ete) or time to go (ttg)

Best Reagards
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