[APP] - version 3.31.+ ( 4. 6. 2018 )

Started by Menion, June 04, 2018, 15:03:46

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Big problem!
Route planner can not change the profile.

chg: improved style of circular clickable buttons above map (route planner, track editor, etc.) ???


@condor: You are right. I tested with sgs8.
Display is ok: confirmed.  :)
New Bug - Route planner change profile: confirmed :(

Andrew Heard

Route Planner profile button: for me is initially enabled, then after adding first route point the button is disabled/ grey.

Changing presets is working again.
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Žajdlík Josef

Data / routes / three dots next to track name / edit = application crash



Before it was possible in Route planner to change Drawing mode while planning the route.
But now I cant change it. MTB to walk or manual especially.
There is situations where you need to change drawing mode, but now it is not allowed?

Here is speechless video about what I mean:



Start add FieldNotes, Tap to get Pro, (Shop Locus)
No return - Endless cycle.

About 10th tap worked.
Repeated simulation path directly to the store OK.

I can not infer the cause and the result.


issue with route planner ( http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/you-can-not-select-the-drawing-mode-in-the-route-planner#comment-58800 ) will be fixed in next version.

@Žajdlík Josef
usually I need a log, but in this case, I probably see the reason of this issue ... next version.

have to try it more carefully tomorrow (issue with screen on/off, weird). Problem with Store is known to me, just not yet fixed ..
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Auto screen turn-off

Quote from: menion on June 07, 2018, 16:47:11
Thanks for a tests Condor. I'll have to install and test it with older version, because I'm still quite sure that it had to work same also before.

From the Locus tutorial I quote:
Auto screen turn-off

    setting of the interval before turning the screen off again
    is set in 5 second steps from 0 to 120 seconds. 0 = screen turning off is disabled (until the system turns the screen off)

Always screen on

The option overrides system screen on/off setting but does not influence the settings made by the Screen on/off control feature

Locus Map prevents the phone screen from turning off:

    Always - permanent screen on
    When GPS is on - screen stays on when the GPS is on
    During guidance/navigation - screen stays on when user is navigated or guided to a point or along a track
    When charged - screen stays on only during charging the phone

This function has worked for years as well.
At the moment, it does not work right or not at all.

If you do not believe me, then follow the instructions for Locus  8)


3.31.2  Bug with Geocaching Tools display.

Geocaching Tools
     Cache Radius Limit
          Select a list

(Used to turn the list color orange when you return to this function later to turn it off)

Now it shows as the screen shot below.



Where are the markup boxes?
Bad news.

If that's the intention. (I hope not)
Then it is a step back.
This option will be missing and will add up to a few more dozens of clicks (unnecessary) in Locus for more.


Quote from: 0709 on June 18, 2018, 07:21:59
Screen on/off at Navigation.
Info: Screen on_off at Navigation I did not see a change ! Functional as usual.
Always screen on (= screen on/off control by Locus) and Android screen time out set: 30 min.
Screen Off/On by Power button: Screen off after 15 sec ( Locus setting)
Screen Off/on by Gesture proximity: Screen on continuous, until (by new wave) screen off: (Locus setting by config.cfg)
# Disable "Turn off if idle" when screen was turn on by gesture (default: false)

Screen Off/on by Navigation (POI) alerts: Screen off after 15 sec. (Locus setting)

To Do (try). Remove the Locus admin rights for screen off control in Android.
Restart phone > Locus > Use (a) Locus screen on/off  action. Ex. By (gesture).
Locus asks for the admin rights. Allow. Does not help ?
I do not use always on display I just use the bypass of lock screen.
Yesterday I was looking for some track and phone was on charge, I stopped using the phone and the display went off but when the phone reached the 100% of charge the charge notification unlocked the phone displaying the locus map.
I told you this case if could be useful to find the bug.

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I have restarted the permissions on Android. Of course, according to my assumption it has no effect.
I've done a lot of tests of different setup options. I write about them in previous posts.
Control question:
Does display control work for example when navigating without POI alerts?



HTC One M9, Android 7.0
Not work.

I will add that, for example, this function is working correctly when guided.
I also suspect Locus.


thanks, then issue will be fixed in next version

Problem with the screen on/off & whatever ... anyone has the same problem as @Condor? Probably not. Condor, may you send me on email backup of your settings with a few simple steps I should do (after import of your settings) to get the same issue like you have? Thanks.
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Thanks for the question. Your deduction is correct. I know about the functionality and the differences of the internal and external installation.  :)