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Started by eldron, May 03, 2018, 21:44:15

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is there any way to change the routing source (e.g. Brouter to Mapquest) from within the route planner or is it really necessary to go through the main menu? I was sure that this was possible at some point, but can´t find it anywhere in the route planner now.


One touch on the big blue button.
In the pop up window choose the gear icon near settings label and now you are there.
The gear and the settings label have different related action. I think the best thing is to separate them more or use 2 icons.

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Thank you!
I knew it was possible, but it was so long ago that I couldn´t remember how i did it last time.
To me the the gear icon and the "settings" text was one and the same, so I agree with you - some form of separation would be useful.