Author Topic: Create shaping points?  (Read 361 times)

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Create shaping points?
« on: April 20, 2018, 03:15:39 »
On a recent road trip, I created a couple routes with Garmin's Basecamp and imported them into Locus as well as our Nuvi. I noticed that the 'silent' route shaping points that I had created were announced while navigating the route with Locus. I did not see an option to change these waypoints to shaping points in Locus. Is this possible?

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Re: Create shaping points?
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 09:45:32 »
Hi John,

Locus probably interprets the imported shaping points as waypoints. Open the imported basecamp route in Locus route planner. Are the shaping points displayed as blue squares? If yes, tap them and select "change to shaping point" from the popup menu.
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Re: Create shaping points?
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2018, 22:48:25 »
The Garmin file: A gpx (rte) route ? Pse confirm by sharing (a) short example file.

Garmin (rte)route: Garmin Via or Shaping Point difference is visible in the looooooong extension.
Garmin Shaping Point is a Via Point not announced by sound nor Icon by SOME Garmin gps devices.  See second post by johnc.

Function ‘sound muting’ and “Icon hiding” of the Garmin Shaping Points is not supported by Locus.

A Garmin route(rte) imported into Locus !
Both Garmin (rte)route Via Point and Shaping Point are announced by sound and Icon.

Locus track_navigationwaypoints (trk_navwpt)
Locus Via Points are announced by sound and Icon. (Sound TTS = by <name> and Icon = by <sym>)
A discrete Locus Via Point: <name>= empty and <sym>= Waypoint.
No TTS announcement , a discrete mini black dot Icon, still functional (auto)recalculate.

Garmin (rte)route shaping points are different from shaping points as used in Locus map.
Locus Shape Points
Have only temporarily use in the Locus routeplanner (database)
At navigation: No announcement no Icon no autorecalculate.

The imported (rte)route by the routepoints extension shows up in Locus with correct shape (follow streets) inclusive the Via Points by origin Basecamp router. No NavPoints, how to add ?
By the BETA version only ! By long push recalculate button in the routeplanner results in a (re)design with the Via and Nav Points.

Example in attachment. (Has one Garmin Shaping point)
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