Augmented Reality with GPS satellites

Started by elmuSSo, May 19, 2011, 12:21:04

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3D Skyplot mode is beautiful. I really love it, but it should be a little bit more enhanced. I have a few ideas.

- Add possibility to zoom in/out
- Maybe put real/predicted orbits of the satellites?

There is no possibility to see in what direction the user is looking/going, so you cant see when these shown satellites are.
So maybe it would be nice to add the visible/known satellites to "Locus - addon AR"? I would be cool, and finally I would be able to see from what satellite i have good/weak signal, and then analyze where that satellite is and what obstacles are preventing from getting a better signal. Please, consider that. That would be awesome function. Maybe You have some ideas how to combine 3D Skyplot with addon AR?