Problem with my Cartridge

Started by Bücklerbande, December 15, 2010, 11:17:56

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my own Urwigo programmed Cartridge doesn´t run with WhereYouGo.
I testet it with Open WIG, and it runs without problems.

In WhereYouGo i can start the Cartridge but nothing happend in the first two Zones.

You can download my Cartridge here: //

Edit: I simulatet Open WIG with "Desktop WIG" without sound. Is ist possible that the errors are caused by the soundfiles? *.fdl and *.mp3 are implemented.



  thanks for post, I'll look at this, hope during one of next days and let you know. If on openWig your cartridge works, I'm sure that problem in WhereYouGo can be fixed.
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Thank you, verry much.
matejcik wantet to contact you also about that problem.
I read this 5 minutes ago, because the groundspeak-forum was down.