Locus on a bike computer!

Started by cye, March 20, 2018, 06:54:01

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Hey all,

I recently got a Hammerhead Karoo, a Garmin 1030-type competitor which runs Android.

The default device is locked down, but it was pretty simple to sideload apps via adb, and even to unlock the bootloader, port TWRP, and install Play Services.

So of course I had to get Locus on it, and the results are amazing. The battery life, ruggedness, and quarter-turn compatibility of a real bike computer coupled with the power and customizability of Locus. Super happy with this setup, and I had to share!

Navigating with Elevate and a Strava overlay:

Using a custom screen for small displays:

Shot of a Karoo mounted to a bike: (not close to my own bike right now, so couldn't take my own picture...)

Next up is designing a custom screen/dashboard for this form factor...


Nice! Thank you for your short report. Keep us updated!
It's true that the Karoo has no buzzer/beeper??!?


Interesting. Please keep us up to date withe the details


Interesting device. Because basically I'm done with Garmin.
BTW, what a weird painting like theme is this?!
Tapiola MFV4+ theme for OAM Maps:
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Quote from: tapio on March 22, 2018, 05:35:56

BTW, what a weird painting like theme is this?!

strava heat map


Any further details on unlocking  etc and make this thing Locus ready?


Among other things, what exactly means that device is locked? You cannot simply install any! other APK file on it or just some Google Services stuff?
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(sorry for the response delay)

By "locked", I actually just mean that the device comes with nothing that would let you install third party apps: there's no browser or app store preinstalled, and the launcher only has static links.

But thankfully, the device retains developer mode, and sideloading .apks is done the usual way. After installing a custom launcher and basics like a browser, the device functions pretty much like any other Android device.

In addition, there's a bootloader unlock toggle in developer mode, so no exploits are required to root the device (and install play services, etc). I needed to port TWRP to do so, (available here), but that's only a one-time thing.

If you didn't want to root however, you can also install Locus from the Amazon marketplace, which sideloads just fine.

(jajaballard hopefully that's enough info to point you in the right direction--otherwise, the process is standard enough that looking things up on xda will help)